6 Ways To Save Money by Going Green

There's a common misconception that going green has to be expensive. Did you know that you can actually save money while reducing your impact on the planet? Here are 6 ways to save money by going green.

1. Install low-flow shower heads

Low-flow shower heads are inexpensive, easy to install, and can save you a fortune on utilities. A new low-flow shower head will pay for itself and then some in no time, and you will save water! One of our most endangered resources. 

2. Put a recyclable bottle full of sand in your toilet tank

Sounds weird, we know, but it will help you save water with every flush. All that water really adds up! The average person uses the bathroom 2,190 times a year!

3. Line dry your clothes 

Did you know dryers don't even come with an "energy star" rating? Drying consumer more energy than you think. Line drying your clothes whenever possible is a great way to save a buck and the environment. 

4. Keep your fridge coils clean

Do you clean the back/underside of your fridge? Dust can collect under and behind your fridge, and that dust makes your refrigerator much less efficient. Don't make your fridge work harder than it has to. 

5. Run your dishwasher only when it is full

This applies to the washer too. by waiting until the dishwasher is full, you make the best use of the water and energy used to keep all of your dishes squeaky clean.

6.  Use washable rags instead of paper towels

Paper towels are expensive, and so many trees are cut down to make them. Why not save the money and planet by use rags? Use that extra dough to get yourself something nice like some new clothes! 


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